Has art gone too far?

When we return, we will finish off arts.

Think about the ways of knowing. How do we use them to judge art and beauty? Did you see the year 11 performance of "The Journey"? Was it art? Did it fit your criteria?
There will be an assessment due 31/10/11 (Happy Hallowe'en).
This assesses all 4 criteria. Please do not refer to theories on art, you have your art criteria, the textbook chapter and more importantly, your own experience.

Weeks up to week commencing 10/10/11

Who is the most beautiful TOK teacher?

We will be going to Hong Kong Museum of Art on Wednesday.
Permission slip

I have emailed you a link to a google doc where you will work together on creating criteria for the art works.

Can I ask our artists, along with a Language A English student and a Language A Chinese student to create a criterion in the last row?

For some background reading/information, why not go to: The Arts