Essay due 15/2/12

lass: 2013 Y11 TOK history

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Tune in to this aural delight on euphemism:
What is the role of emotion and language in writing History? Slide 23 onwards

Is history all lies anyway?

Is history important? Look at this recent article focussing on myths/history in Malaysia

Watch this documentary on Gavin Menzies, the author of 1421.
What is the evidence he presents in favour of his hypothesis? Are you convinced?
What doubts are cast?

Who "DISCOVERED" America?
Look at the evidence for and against the Chinese discovery. Remember to use what you know from science - carbon dating.

Claims and counterclaims.
Which piece of evidence is most significant and which is least?

Homework due 8/1/12
150 word reflection on how you worked out the significance of the evidence

Please stop watching youtube videos. Or, use your TOK skills before you come out with an opinion. EMOTION is a great WoK but use your REASON too.

16/1/12 Inductive and deductive reasoning

11/1/12 Reason

Thank you for these examples:

1. Good IB grades are good exam grades
Good exam grades can get one into a good university
Therefore, good IB grades can get one into a good university.

2. Apples are fruit.
Fruits come from plants.
Therefore, apples come from plants.

3. 1=4, 2=8, 3=12, 4=?