Week commencing 5/12/11
You will do your 10 minutes/group presentations.

Week commencing 28/11/11 is Summative Assessment Week.

Assessment criteria for the presentations:

Working on your presentation

Read this. It is so current, and it is what we are trying to understand about how science works.

10 minutes to prepare your experiment
working on your presentation

Knowledge issues with global warming
Thank you to Martin, Michael and Kitson (and Maurice and Iona and Kevin) for drawing our attention to the knowledge issues in global warming.
Do plastic bags degrade? & billion people, 7 billion all using toilet paper - will toilet paper degrade?

In pairs, design a simple experiment to test whether materials degrade. By Friday I need, your hypothesis, methodology and any equipment needs.
Factors we brainstormed: light, temperature, acidity/alkalinity

Language and perception in science

From "Friends" - Ross and Phoebe argue about evolution - it's on youtube.




The Arts essay is due today. At a TOK meeting last week, it was decided that this essay will be worth 40% of your term 1 grade. You have the opportunity to redo it but you must submit it by Wednesday 2 November.

Extra Interesting Reading: