All the science lesson material has come to this page, from 6/2/11.

Some extra readings, if you are interested in the history of scientific thought.

The readings

This one worries me. If this is how he does science, can we trust science and scientific findings?

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Our science lessons and materials

How evolution has failed

Let's visit the Creation Museum

The Atlas of Creation article

Richard Dawkins on the Atlas of Creation

Ricky Gervais on creationism

Intelligent Design
Is this a new theory?

weeks commencing 6/12/10 and 13/12/10
You will present. Remember to check the assessment rubric.

Here are some notes on the Theory of Evolution:

week commencing 29 November - ASSESSMENT WEEK
no TOK class
Here is a recent article on reason and emotion:
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23/11/10 and 25/11/10
We will work on your presentations. You must make sure you know the assessment criteria and that you have a news article.

The Theory of Evolution
You will need to bring a science textbook to class.

1. What's the difference between a guess, a hypothesis, a law and a theory?
Look in your science textbook and find an example of each.

2. What is knowing? (2 minutes)

3. What is evolution? (1.5 minutes)

4. The theory of evolution (10 minutes)

5. What is the difference between fact and opinion?

6. Who do we trust? The man in the white coat? Who is the authority?

Who is right? What ways of knowing can you see here? Which is stronger in creating our knowledge?

Because we reviewed the perception essays and the presentation, we didn't get as far as I thought on Friday. So we'll begin at 2 and carry on.

We are going to begin our series of lessons on science. The background reading is chapter 8 of Mr van de Lagemaat's book.

1. We discussed what was science and the scientific method. Check the order on this slide - is it correct?

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2.What exactly is scientific method?
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3. Scientific method activity

4.Is science just finding out what nature is?

5. Experiment
We'll experiment with spaghetti as per Prof Feynman