Week 30/5/11 - 3/6/11
Secondary Assessment Week

We are now working on your presentation. You have 10 minutes to present so if you decide to be in a group, each group-member gets 10 minutes.

On 3/5/11, by the end of the lesson, you need to give me your question, the areas and/or ways of knowing and the real-life situation.

How do we accommodate difference across cultural backgrounds?

What did you think about the presentation? Think about the format of the presentation - role-play? Is this something you want to do? Then, the students commented about what was presented by a role-player.
Think about how it was presented - could you understand it?
What areas of knowledge and/or ways of knowing were covered?

Paradigms - created by different cultural backgrounds, stereotypes and generalisations, fallacies (ad hominem, special pleading)

If you are losing your voice, what will you do?

Make sure you refer to the criteria.

Presentation - Darwinism vs Creationism
The boys mentioned: bias, paradigm, fallacy, science, scientific proof, individual choice, intelligent design, religion,false dichotomy, emotion, reason